Dr Serrurier July Newsletter: Dermaceutic cosmeceuticals

Over the last couple of newsletter editions I’ve touched on procedures that I like to perform in the winter months – the cold weather aids certain procedures with recovery.

This month is somewhat different as I want to discuss your skin. The winter in the Highveld is dry and takes its toll on your skin – dehydrated skin hastens wrinkle formation and this deterioration of skin quality makes more pronounced visible signs of ageing.

Yana at the practice was hired in the practice to provide Chemical Peels and Facials to help reduce visible skin ageing and last month we ran a midmonth newsletter detailing her skills. This month I want to let you know about the product of choice at my practice – Dermaceutic.

I hope you enjoy what follows.

Skin Rejuvenation for Non Surgical Anti-Ageing

The Story behind Dermaceutic

Developed in France and Belgium by renowned dermatologists and scientists, Dermaceutic is a range of cosmeceuticals exclusively offered at trained professionals. In other words it is only available at specialist doctors. Dermaceutic offers professional and home care products and I chose to represent them because they offer quality skin treatment, protection and safety

What makes Dermaceutic unique?

The secret behind the Dermaceutic range is that it contains an original combination of active ingredients at concentrations proven to offer results. I do not want to stock a product in my rooms without prior research to know that results are proven if used correctly.

The professional treatments offered at my rooms consist of Chemical Peels from very superficial to medium and deep peels. These Chemical Peels if used correctly can resurface the skin, stimulate new collagen growth and eliminate wrinkles. Other Chemical Peel treatments address regulating sebaceous secretion, acne also decreasing and relieving pigmentation problems.

They are all followed up too with homecare options to enhance your final result.

Surgical Chemical Peels:

The deeper the Chemical Peel the better the result, but longer the downtime. For the most aggressive Chemical Peel I will need to take you to theatre and the downtime will be significant. Your skin, when healed, will be brand new and unblemished but you will need to take about a week off work.


The Cosmo Peel

The Dermaceutic Cosmo Peel is one of Yana’s favourite treatments. It is a simple skin rejuvenation procedure with a very little down-time.

It is a highly efficient treatment that Yana will use to improve a variety of skin disorders caused by ageing:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles,
  • Smoker’s skin complexion
  • Dark sun spots.

 The Cosmo Peel treatment is usually done over several sessions. Yana usually advises 2 to 3 Cosmo Peel sessions in order to improve your skin quality.  Each treatment will last 35 to 45 minutes, but that is because we like to offer a relaxed treatment with some added extra’s.

The Spot Peel

Yana will use the Dermaceutic Spot Peel to treat:

  • Pigmentation spots,
  • Pregnancy dark spots
  • Melasma.

She also highly recommends it if your skin suffers from actinic keratoses and pigmentation disorders.

Dermaceutic Spot Peel is also perfectly suited for any kind of skin. Darker skin tones have always proven to be tricky to treat but using Spot Peel they can be safely treated with a natural blending of skin colours and no risk of hyper-pigmentation.

What happens during a Dermaceutic peel?

First, Yana will clean the skin to remove all oil and make-up. She will then apply the Dermaceutic peel using a small brush. Patients usually report a feeling of tingling and heat during the application – but nothing unbearable.

Once the Dermaceutic peel treatment is complete, Yana will remove the peel or neutralize it from the skin.

The frequency and number of treatments will be determined depending upon the peel applied, your skin condition and your desired result.
For optimum results, the sessions will need to be repeated every two to four weeks and its important to complete the treatments.

It common for patients to experience redness similar to a mild sunburn for a couple of days following a Chemical Peel. It is also of utmost importance to protect your skin from the sun – especially after a Chemical Peel.

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Mid Month May 2012 Newsletter: Aesthetics

I know I briefly touched on this in my last newsletter but I decided to write a midmonth newsletter to let you all know a little more about Yana and the aesthetic procedures she is offering at my practice.

Yana is a qualified beauty therapist and now that she has settled into her role as practice manger she is getting started on booking patients who would like to undergo Chemical Peels and Facial treatments.

“Non-Surgical Anti-Ageing Options”

Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic surgery go hand in hand, and I am happy to be able to offer these treatments in my practice to enhance your aesthetic outcome.

Yana is qualified to treat patients using dermaceutic Chemical Peels, offer advice on MD Lash Factor and also importantly give direction for suitable homecare products too.

I hope you enjoy the following.

Dr Charles Serrurier

The DermaCeutic Range

Dermaceutic is a full range of cosmeceuticals imported from France, used to prepare, optimize and maintain the results of all aesthetic procedures. This collection focuses on the three essential areas of skin rejuvenation: Protection, Stimulation and Repair.

Yana also makes extensive use of the Chemical Peels range. Feel free to ask her for skin advice about pigmentation and problematic skin conditions as well as rejuvenation.

What makes Dermaceutic so unique is that they contain an original combination of active ingredients at unequalled concentrations and this is why Yana knows she is working with some of the best Cosmeceutical on the market. She uses the products herself and knows that these products will give your skin improved firmness as well as a smooth texture and improve all pigmentation problems as well as acne scarring and acne prone skins.

Amongst Yana’s most trusted treatments, we find Cosmo Peel. This Chemical Peel she uses to improve a variety of skin disorders caused by ageing such as dark pigmentation, smoker’s skin complexion or fine lines. Most patients need 4 or 5 sessions for best results but Yana will give you all the information you need during your consultation. 

Yana also loves to use Spot Peel; a highly efficient depigmentation peel specialized in treating pigmentation spots, pregnancy dark spots, melasma, or post-inflammatory pigmentation.

Purchase any 2 Dermaceutic or Skin Medica product and receive a Milk Chemical Peel ABSOLUTELY FREE!


Long and healthy eyelashes can give your eyes a dramatic and fabulous expression. And this is why the MD Lash Factor range is another one of Yana’s favourite products.

MD lash factor is suitable for lens wearers, protects your lashes from U.V rays and contains DNA protection as well as anti-aging properties.

Your lashes will never be the same: after only 2 weeks of conditioning treatment they will be noticeably fuller, thicker and longer.

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